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the space between spaces

March 17, 2009
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from inside looking out, fiji looks like a combination of 80’s vietnam movies and the island in ‘lost’.  we walked from the plane to the airport and a bug flew in my eye, a far cry from san fran or even la.  so many climates, so many landscapes, so few days on the trip and i already feel like i’ve been gone a century.  i think about all the people back in orlando, still living the 17th of march.  i wonder how different they will all be when i return.  i wonder how different i will be.  

i’m going to make a point of putting more trust in god while i’m here, of trying to pray to him and communicate with him.  of trying to trust that whatever happens is his will.  as it stands right now i find those things very difficult to do.   if this is indeed a period of change, it’s a great place for me to start.

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  1. March 27, 2009 9:35 pm

    Walt…I’m encouraged by your decision to trust God, and communicate (pray) to Him. One thing that I know for a fact…God is always speaking to us; through His Word, through other people, through Creation….we just have to take the time to stop and listen…may I suggest something for you? Find some place quiet…some place outside where you can see the beauty of creation around you…and just ask God to speak to you…and just share your heart with Him…be honest…He already knows everything about you anyway… Well, just a thought. I’m praying for you, and I know you’re having a great time, and I pray that you will come back a different person (in a good way)…

    God bless you buddy,


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